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Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club (VRCC) je voľné združenie majiteľov a priaznivcov Hondy F6C Valkyrie. Sídlo klubu je v USA. Vo svete má národné pobočky (chapters). Činnosť klubu je zameraná na propagáciu značky Honda F6C Valkyrie, klubové stretnutia, komunikáciu, vzájomnú pomoc a technické rady.
Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club -Slovakia je oficiálny chapter VRCC pre Slovenskú republiku. Od roku 2010 je súčasťou chapterov VRCC v Európe a vo svete.
VRCC Slovakia rešpektuje kluby v Slovenskej motoscéne a podporuje Hells Angels MC Slovakia.

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pozvánky na stretnutia VRCC
517 príspevkov | Posledná aktivita dňa 26.07.2022 12:17:39 od Billy
Billy 26.07.2022 12:17:39, pred 2 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Finland: Inzane 2023
[size=16][color=#ffcc33][u]VRCC Finland: XV INZANE 2023[/u][/color][/size] [size=16]29.06. - 02.07. 2023 Fínsko[/size] (presné miesto ešte neni určené) Usporiadatelia potrebujú vedieť kolko účastníkov chce prísť. Kto z členov VRCC Slovakia má záujem ísť na Inzane do Fínska dajte mi vedieť. Oznámim to usporiadatelom.
Billy 08.05.2022 19:51:40, pred 5 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
[color=#ffff00][size=12]Ďakujem za účasť na mítingu VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022[/size] [/color] [size=12]- VRCC Austria - VRCC Czech Republic - VRCC Czech Republic chapter Moravia - VRCC France - VRCC Germany - VRCC Italy - VRCC Dragons Polska - VRCC Slovakia[/size] [size=12]Ďakujem: - personálu Zámku Topoľčianky - celému organizačnému tímu za dobre zvládnutú akciu[/size]
Billy 03.05.2022 23:27:37, pred 5 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
príjazd a parkovisko: [img][/img]
Billy 03.05.2022 23:17:19, pred 5 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
Billy 03.05.2022 23:10:30, pred 5 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
pre každého účastníka: [img][/img] pre prezidentov chapterov VRCC: [img][/img]
Billy 26.04.2022 20:54:21, pred 5 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Switzerlad: XlV INZANE 2020 Switzerlad
Na Inzane sú ešte volné miesta. E-mail od organizátorov: [i]There are still 5-6 rooms available! So, please help us to fill the hotel and make the event a full success! And do not forget to book you participation for Tour 3 – we still have capacities: English Group: 5 people French Group: 10 people German Group: 10 people if necessary, we can extend the language groups if places are available See you soon in Leysin !!! Kindest Regards, [big]VRCC Switzerland[/big] OK InZane 2020 Walter Nussbaum Andy Burren Albert Wettstein[/i]
Billy 26.04.2022 18:04:27, pred 5 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
[size=16][color=#ffcc00][b]CENA:[/b][/color][/size] [size=16][b]135.- €[/b][/size][b]/osoba[/b] [color=#ffcc00]CENA ZA ZRAZ OBSAHUJE:[/color] - ubytovanie 2 noci - piatok, sobota - 2x raňajky - sobota, nedela - 1x obed - sobota - 2x prvá večera - piatok, sobota - 2x druhá večera - piatok, sobota - Ozzy Osborne rev. Praha - piatok - DJ - piatok, sobota - flaša vína Doplatok 35,- € v hotovosti pri príchode - check in
Billy 23.04.2022 12:22:32, pred 5 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
[size=16][color=#ffcc00]Season Open 2022: BIKER GAMES [/color][/size] [color=#ffcc00]Piatok 6.5.2022[/color] cca od 19:30 [color=#ffffcc]1. Zatĺkanie klincov[/color] - the best of hammer a nail [color=#ffffcc]2. Pretláčanie rukou[/color] - the best of armwrestling [color=#ffffcc]3. Pretláčanie rukou ženy[/color] - the best of armwrestling women [color=#ffffcc]4. Najväčší bachor[/color] - the biggest belly of meeting ďalšie ceny: [color=#ffffcc]5. Najpočetnejšia skupina[/color] - the largest group of meeting [color=#ffffcc]6. Najvzdialenejší účastník[/color] - the farthest participant of meeting -------------------------------------------------------------------------- V prípade zlého počasia bude program upravený. Vyhlásenie výsledkov súťaží a odovzdanie cien bude v sobotu od 19:00 [img][/img]
Billy 09.03.2022 13:42:29, pred 7 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
VRCC Slovakia: SEASON OPEN 2022 začne o: [url][/url]
Billy 26.02.2022 09:59:36, pred 7 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
Covid opatrenia sa na Slovensku postupne zmierňujú. Asi do 2 mesiacov sa majú dostať do normálu, ako pred Covidom. Do stretnutia máme 2 mesiace. Veríme, že dovtedy to bude OK. Čiže vstup bez obmedzení a potvrdení. My nebudeme vyžadovať žiadne Covid pasy. Ak by nebol možný voľný prechod cez hranice, alebo by štát vyžadoval Covid pas, Season Open sa nebude konať. Túto hru na Covid pandémiu a očkovanie experimentálnymi vakcínami nebudeme hrať!
Billy 21.01.2022 19:14:33, pred 8 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Switzerlad: XlV INZANE 2020 Switzerlad
21.01.2022 E-mail od organizátorov InZane: [i][color=#66ccff]Dear friends [b]It's now or never...[/b] That's what Elvis Presley sang and that's what we will do this year! [b]InZane 2020 will take place![/b] [b]From Thursday 9 June to Sunday 12 June 2022.[/b] Existing registrations remain fully valid and we look forward to welcoming all registered participants in June 2022 in Leysin. If, against all expectations, there are still COVID provisions in place, we will have to insist that they are respected, but we are confident that the matter will be more or less settled by then. Currently, 2G is in force in Switzerland and entry is possible without any problems. We assume that the majority of registrants have a certificate. Please send it as soon as possible to the following address: [mail][/mail] This will save us a lot of time when the participants arrive. The registration site is still open and it is still possible to register. At the moment there are still about 8 rooms available, which means that we still have room for about 16 to 24 people. Payment of the participation fee should then be made if possible immediately, but at the latest by the end of February 2022. In the hopefully unlikely event of participants unsubscribing (or having to unsubscribe), we will ask them to provide accurate bank details and their exact address. As the T-shirts, patches and pins have already been produced, we are obliged to retain €50 per person in the event of unsubscribing; but we are happy to send the T-shirts on request. We are looking forward to seeing all participants in good health and shape on 9 June 2022 in Leysin! PS: The InZane 2020 in Leysin / Switzerland will go down in (VRCC) history as the first, which had to be postponed twice due to force majeure. Kindest Regards, PS: We are still looking for a chapter for the organisation of the InZane 2023... [b][size=20]VRCC Switzerland[/size][/b] [size=16]OK InZane 2020[/size] Walter Nussbaum Andy Burren Albert Wettstein[/i][/color]
Billy 07.01.2022 18:20:40, pred 9 mesiacmi
Re: VRCC Norway: Summer Meet 2022
Pozvánka stretnutie Valkyrii do Nórska: [i]Hello Valkyrie friends, and a Happy New Year to you all! VRCC Norway wishes to invite you to our new annual summer meet in Frya Leir Because of the pandemic, we did not promote the event outside or local Facebook page. We were not that many attendees last summer, but despite the ongoing restrictions and bad weather, we all had a blast building lasting Valkyrie friendships. For 2022 we truly hope that international travel bans will be lifted by summer time, and that we once again can meet and socialize with our international friends. IMPORTANT NOTICE!! There is NO reservation fee for this low-cost event, and payment is not due until three weeks prior to the event. By then, we should have an overview of restrictions and the current pandemic situation. Therefore, please place your reservation as soon as you firmly decide you wish to attend, unless restrictions stop you. This way, we can plan to make the most out of the event and create a good experience for everyone attending the event based on the number of attedees. In case you need to cancel your reservation after you made your payment, you can expect a full refund until the 12th of June. If you cancel after this time, we will need to withhold a fee of NOK 300 to cover our event expenses. The location Frya Leir is located in Ringebu, 3,5 hours north of Oslo, along the main north/south highway E6. It is situated between the two famous mountain areas Jotunheimen and Rondane. The camp site is a former military camping site converted to a camping ground. They are experienced in arranging motorcycle events. The camp has 120 beds, and the rooms are spacious and clean. The standard is simple, but the beds are comfortable. There rooms don’t have separate bathrooms, but the common spaces are all very clean and tidy. There is a common lounge with a full kithen and several fridges at our disposal. All measurements regarding local Covid regulations are met. We hope to see you and your friends in VRCC Norway Summer Meet 2022![/i] [b][color=#ffcc00][size=16]VRCC Norway:[/size][/color][/b] [b][color=#ffcc00][size=28]Summer Meet 2022[/size][/color][/b] [size=16][b]17.-19. jún 2022[/b][/size] Frya Leir N-2360 Ringebu trasa cca 2 000 km: [url][/url] [img][/img] [img][/img]
Billy 23.04.2021 11:17:51, pred 1 rokom
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
[center][big][u]zámok Topoľčianky[/u] mapa a trasa: [/big][/center] [center][gmaps]!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d1323.920596167413!2d18.4128190644483!3d48.421193082410355!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x0%3A0x9ceed08b075a68cd!2zUmXFoXRhdXLDoWNpYSBaw6Ftb2sgVG9wb8S-xI1pYW5reQ!5e0!3m2!1ssk!2ssk!4v1619169343077!5m2!1ssk!2ssk[/gmaps][/center]
Billy 08.04.2021 15:01:42, pred 1 rokom
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
[size=16][color=#ffcc00]ZOZNAM PRIHLÁSENÝCH:[/color] 96[/size] Kapacita ubytovania na zámku: [size=16]85[/size] účastníkov Biely Nick = žiadna platba [color=#ff0000]Červený Nick = zaplatená záloha 60,- EUR[/color] [color=#ff6600]Oranžový Nick = zaplatená záloha 100,- EUR[/color] [color=#00ff66]Zelený Nick = zaplatená celá suma za stretnutie 135,- EUR[/color] (doplatok po príjazde na zraz 6.5.2022) údaje sú priebežne aktualizované [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]AT: 7[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Gueni + Petra, Undertaker + Stella, Aisti, Fudy, Einstein[/color] [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]BG: 1[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Valentin[/color] [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]CZ: 44[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Stanley + Martina, Donatelo + Zlatuš, Begeč + Dagmarka, Petr + Ivka, Laďa + Maruš, Machuza, Zdenek + Helena, Láďa + Marcela, Kajman, Lojzik, Taxifara + Jěštěrka, Čičik + Čičina, Rosinny + Kelly, Fisherman + Andrea, Franta + Ranta, Komeny + Bobuša, Gadas, Tony + Helča, Fery + Simi, Milan + Dáša, Svejamec + Svejamka, Lachtan + Veronika, George + Martina, Ddrak,[/color] Radek [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]DE: 7[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Andy + Bine, Charly + Tina, Ecke, Gerd, Yappa[/color] [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]FR: 5[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Gilles + Valérie, Tripeulsix, Jacky, David[/color] [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]IT: 2[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Mauro + Compagno[/color] [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]LV: 1[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Matiss[/color] [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]PL: 9[/color][/size][/b] [color=#ff6600]Virus + Sylwia, Gucio + Iwona, Stanley + Megii, Norbert + Ewa, Wojciech[/color] [img][/img][b][size=16][color=#ffcc00]SK: 20[/color][/size][/b] [color=#00ff66]Billy + Toni, Peter + Veronika, Elvis + Vierča,[/color][color=#ff6600] Andrej + Erika, Jany + Silvia, Miro + Eva, Alex + Alexa, Firky JR + Eva,[/color] [color=#ff0000] Shagy + Zuzka, Martin + Maja [/color]
Billy 08.04.2021 14:35:31, pred 1 rokom
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022
[b][color=#ffcc00][size=16]VRCC Slovakia:[/size][/color][/b] [b][color=#ffcc00][size=28]SEASON OPEN 2022[/size][/color][/b] [size=16][b]6-8. máj 2022[/b][/size] Zámok Topoľčianky [url][/url] Parková 1 951 93 Topoľčianky Slovenská republika mapa: [url][/url] [img][/img] [b][color=#ffcc00][size=16]PROGRAM:[/size][/color][/b] [color=#ffcc00][size=12]Piatok 6.5. 2022[/size][/color] od 14:00 príjazd, check in na kontrolnom bode a recepcii, ubytovanie 18:00 [b][u]1. večera[/u] [/b] 19:00 privítanie účastníkov 19:30 sútaže: zatĺkanie klincov, armwrestling, najväčší bachor 20:00-22:00 Ozzy Osbourne revival Praha [url][/url] 22:00 [b][u]2. večera[/u][/b] DJ hudba, zábava [color=#ffcc00][size=12]Sobota 7.5. 2022[/size][/color] 7:30-10:00 [b][u]raňajky[/u][/b] 10:30 spoločný výjazd na strelnicu „Horáreň“ (24 km) [url][/url] 11:00-12:00 Strelby na strelnici. Za poplatok sa dá zapožičať zbraň: brokovnica a samopal Sa-58 12:00 odjazd zo strelnice 12:30 príjazd na zámok Topoľčianky 13:00 [u][b]obed[/u][/b] 18:00 [b][u]1. večera[/u][/b] 19:00 vyhlásenie výsledkov súťaží, odovzdanie cien 22:00 [b][u]2. večera[/u][/b] DJ hudba, zábava [color=#ffcc00][size=12]Nedela 8.5. 2022[/size][/color] 7:30-10:00 [b][u]raňajky[/u][/b] check-out na recepcii, odjazd [size=16][color=#ffcc00][b]CENA:[/b][/color][/size] [size=16][b]135.- €[/b][/size][b]/osoba[/b] Season Open 2018 (YouTube): [youtube][/youtube]
Billy 29.03.2021 12:51:22, pred 2 rokmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2021
[img][/img] [color=#ff0000][size=16]Season Open 2021 ZRUŠENÉ - termín je presunutý na rok 2022[/size][/color] S poľutovaním Vám oznamujeme, že stretnutie VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2021 (14.-16.5. 2021) sa nebude konať z dôvodu opatrení proti šíreniu COVID-19 v Európe. Stretnutie Season Open 2021 bude presunuté na rok 2022. [size=16][color=#ffcc00][b]VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2022, 6.-8.máj 2022, zámok Topoľčianky, SK[/b][/color][/size] Zoznam účastníkov z roku 2021 sa automaticky presúva na rok 2022. Nebude potrebná nová registrácia. Kto nemá záujem prísť v roku 2022 je potrebné to oznámiť. Tiež napísať číslo účtu pre vrátenie zaplatenej zálohy. Veríme, že v roku 2022 bude už normálna situácia a na stretnutí Season Open 2022 sa o to lepšie s priateľmi zabavíme. bezpečnú jazdu a zostaňte zdraví Billy #31224 president VRCC Slovakia *************************** Mobil: +421 903 408338 e-mail: VRCC-SLOVAKIA ***************************
Billy 12.03.2021 14:47:52, pred 2 rokmi
Re: VRCC Switzerlad: XlV INZANE 2020 Switzerlad
[size=16][color=#ff0033]INZANE 2021 ZRUŠENÉ ![/color][/size] termín sa presúva na rok 2022 12.03.2021 E- mail od organizátorov InZane: [i][color=#66ccff]Dear friends It seems that our politicians will not be able to get a grip on the COVID-19 pandemic, and we no longer expect it to be possible to enter Switzerland until the date of our InZane without quarantine, tests, etc. Looking at this situation, we are forced to draw the consequences and we have decided with a heavy heart to postpone the InZane 2020 in Leysin until June 2022. New date: Thursday, June 9 to Sunday June 12, 2022 Existing registrations remain in full force and we are counting on welcoming all registered participants to Leysin in 2022. We will open the registration page again in October/November 2021, so that interested parties can still register. The payment of the participation costs would then have to be made as soon as possible, but no later than the end of February 2022. Of course, it is also possible to register during this year, rooms are still available. In the event that participants need to (must) unsubscribe, hopefully unlikely, we ask them for exact bank details, as well as the exact address. Since the T-shirts, patches and pins have already been produced, we are forced to withhold €50 per person if you unsubscribe; we can send the T-shirts on request. We very much regret the postponement and expect all participants to be healthy and cheerful on June 9, 2022 in Leysin! PS: The InZane 2020 in Leysin / Switzerland will go down in history (of the VRCC) as the first, which had to be postponed as a result of force majeure Best wishes, [b][size=20]VRCC Switzerland[/size][/b] [size=16]OK InZane 2020[/size] Walter Nussbaum Andy Burren Albert Wettstein[/i][/color]
Billy 16.02.2021 19:29:05, pred 2 rokmi
Re: VRCC Switzerlad: XlV INZANE 2020 Switzerlad
E-mail od organizátorov InZane (prišiel v slovenčine, neupravoval som ho): [i]Ahoj milí priatelia Pred viac ako rokom sme vás museli informovať, že vzhľadom na situáciu s COVID-19 musí byť náš InZane odložený na tento rok. Vzhľadom na súčasnú situáciu v rôznych krajinách však stále nie je isté, či budú môcť všetci účastníci vstúpiť do Švajčiarska v júni 2021 bez následkov (karanténa atď.). Preto stále nie je spochybňované, že musíme odložiť rok 2020 na jún 2022. Sme však opatrní optimistickí, že naše InZane sa uskutoční tento rok. V každom prípade, budeme aj naďalej nechať naše InZane, to je isté. Investovali sme veľa vášne, času a peňazí a bola by škoda, keby to bolo márne. Pri príležitosti nášho stretnutia 21. Preto, drahí priatelia, vás vyzývame, aby ste nám zostali verní a stáli pri vašej registrácii Jedného dňa bude strašidelné po všetkom! So srdečným pozdravom [big]VRCC Switzerland[/big] OK InZane 2020 Walter Nussbaum Andy Burren Albert Wettstein[/i]
Billy 13.02.2021 16:43:54, pred 2 rokmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2021
Dúfam, že do mája sa situácia s Covid-19 zlepší a stretnutie Season Open 2021 sa uskutoční. Pre istotu máme pripravený aj záložný plán. Ak by sa Season Open 2021 nemohlo pre Covid-19 uskutočniť, usporiadame ho o rok neskôr. [big][color=#33ff00]Na Season Open 2022 máme zarezervovaný termín 6.-8.máj 2022 na zámku Topoľčianky.[/color][/big]
Billy 18.01.2021 14:36:13, pred 2 rokmi
Re: VRCC Slovakia: Season Open 2021
16.január 2021: [color=#ff0000][size=12]nezaplatená záloha - rezervácia je zrušené[/size][/color] ( 2x VRCC Moravia ) Účasť neni možná.
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